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Babies in Heaven

Hello, this page, entitled Babies in Heaven, is dedicated to children who have been abused and murdered, all by their own family members


According to the U.S. Advisory Board on Child Abuse and Neglect, 2000 children under 5 years of age are murdered by their parents or guardians each year.

I have read some of the horrible, graphic stories of these children's deaths, and all that they had to suffer at the hands of their own family members, someone they trusted and loved. I could not read any more after 1 or 2, they were just too upsetting. As a mother, the stories touched me very deeply. I have adopted some of the poor little angels that I found while browsing here:

*Little Angels in Heaven Guardian Angel Adoption Center*

Please go to the Center and adopt some little angels of your own. Click on the banner above. We must all take part in raising awareness about child abuse, neglect and murder, and show that we, as parents and people, care about these innocent children who died before their lives even started.

Here are the little angels that I adopted. Click on their pictures to read their stories. These stories will be very upsetting to you, so please be prepared. The children are now resting peacefully in heaven, God bless their little souls.

Antoniette, 7 yrs old, Angelique, 3 yrs old, Alexandra, 2 yrs old

Johnathon Austin, only 5 weeks old

Little Kelsey Abraham, 6 yrs old

This poor child was only a newborn when his life was taken

This is Tyler Wilson, only 2 yrs old

These are my little babies I have adopted for my site, for the time being. If I had room I would fill all my pages full of them. Their stories are all real, and extremely shocking and upsetting, I feel so upset just writing about them. As a mother of two little girls, I cannot fathom how these sick people could do what they did to their innocent children. Please, please be kind to your children....they are people too and deserve respect, love and caring! They are our future; blessings from God, so please appreciate them, and never ever hurt them. Thank you.

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Please visit again soon, and remember, please be kind to children

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