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There are many beary good causes in the world today,

and our owner would like to tell you about some

that are particularly important to her. Please read on.......

This cause is particularily important to me as a mother.There are too many children in this world who are being abused and we must do something to stop this. If you know of a child who is being mistreated please do something about it....they can't always speak up themselves and are counting on us to help them. Please help them.

So many children in our schools and innocent people in our communites are losing their lives to shootings. Something has to be done about firearm laws, something has got to change. They are much too easy to acquire and people are dying every day. Please vote for tougher gun laws!

Which leads us to my next cause. We, as parents, need to be more aware of what's going on in our children's lives and be a part of it. Spending time with our children is the most important thing we can do. We may not always be able to prevent all bad things but we can still try if we keep the lines of communication with our children open.

So many people are suffering and dying from cancer. Please support cancer research and educate yourself on this terrible disease by clicking on the link above. Remember...March is Cancer Awareness Month.

Please seek help if you are a victim of domestic violence. There is help out there and you don't have to live in fear and shame if you are. Be a strong person, do it for yourself and your children...get out of that situation immediately. Don't let anyone make you a victim. Click on the above logo for further help.

Are you an animal lover like me? Most people do like animals, but we all know there are sick people out there who abuse and even kill animals. Animals have feelings too, and deserve respect, just like we all do. Please be kind to animals and report any animal abuse you may be aware of, because we are their voices!

Honesty, Integrity and Respect ~ There are so many talented graphic artists on the web and this is where most of us get our graphics from. They are kind enough to offer lots of these graphics free of charge, for use on personal webpages like this. All they ask in return is a link back to their site so that people know where the graphic came from. So please support HIR on the web and respect our graphic artists,they work really hard on their graphics. Please give credit where credit is due.

Well friends, that's it for now, I hope to add more causes to my page in the future because there are so many worthy ones to support.

Please visit my special page on my Adopted Angels here, which is the most important cause that I support.

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