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Welcome! Are you an Anne Geddes fan like me? I *love* her beautiful Baby Photography. The babies are completely adorable.... and I always wondered how Anne got them to fall asleep in all those stange poses!! :0)

If you're not a fan of Anne Geddes Babies, then you just might be after your visit here! :0) The tea is just about yourself...and enjoy your stay!

We will begin our tour of some of Anne's work in a moment....but first, a little bit about the Artist herself...

Born and raised in Queensland, Australia, Anne Geddes has always been interested in the strength that a photographic image could hold. In her mid-twenties, she began experimenting with the family Pentax K1000, developing her signature style of structure and immediate visual impact.

One of the world's most respected and successful professional photographers, Anne has captured the imagination and hearts of people around the globe. Her distinctive, award-winning images of children grace greeting cards, calendars, books, stationery, photo albums, and an array of other fine products, and are currently published in over 50 countries, spanning North America, Europe, the British Isles, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and Asia. Some 11 million books plus many more millions of other non-book products have been sold worldwide.

Source: Anne Geddes Offical Website

Ready to see some of Anne's beautiful work? Just click on the Photo Album, and enjoy!

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How about an Anne Geddes Mousepad!!

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Thanks for visiting Sandi's Anne Geddes Collection... Come again! :0)

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